Pediatric Services

Our Pediatric and Clinical Staff work together to provide medical care for your children.
We want you to feel confident when you choose the Family Clinic, as your child’s primary health centre. Be assured that you are in hands of professionals who are qualified, experienced and caring. Our pediatric physician provides services to children from birth through adolescence.
Family Clinic plays a major role in providing 24-hour on-call pediatric coverage.



The immune system in children is not trained to resist disease. Vaccines are the only way by which your immune system is trained to resist a disease. Before vaccines, the only way to become immune to a disease was to actually get it and, with luck, survive it. This is called naturally acquired immunity. With naturally acquired immunity, you suffer the symptoms of the disease and also risk the complications, which can be quite serious or even deadly. In addition, during certain stages of the illness, you may be contagious and pass the disease to family members, friends, or others who come into contact with you. Vaccines protect not only yourself but also others around you. If your vaccine-primed immune system stops an illness before it starts, you will be contagious for a much shorter period of time, or perhaps not at all. Similarly, when other people are vaccinated, they are less likely to give the disease to you. Vaccines protect not only individuals but entire communities. That is why vaccines are vital to the public health goal of preventing diseases.

The Family Clinic firmly believes all children should receive the necessary vaccines as per the recommendations of government of India.

Vaccines are safe and effective in preventing diseases and health complications in children and young adults.



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Please visit FAMILY CLINIC and meet with your Pediatrician to know more about the Immunization schedule.