Mr. Bhavin Mehta (Director)

He is a pharmacy graduate from M.E.T’s Institute of pharmacy. He entered business at a young age learned all the tricks of trade and soon metamorphosed to a torchbearer when he was just 26. He brought about outstanding results for the company.

Mr. Bhavin Mehta took the challenges of Kilitch wholeheartedly and has steered it to the present position with several unique advantages. His ability to perceive and decisive approach to business situation backed by his untiring commitment for achieving excellence has few parallels. He is modelling Kilitch to attain a world-class benchmark with support from his young, energetic and dedicated team.

Successfully organized India’s first iPhex 2013/2014 International exhibition for Pharmaceutical & Healthcare under Pharmexcil (Pharmaceuticals Export Promotion Council Of India) with support of Ministry Of Commerce & Industry, Govt., of India. Under Brand India promotion 577 hosted overseas buyers from 101 countries were invited to participate in the show.

Advisory Member as Industrialist – M.E.T’s Institute of Pharmacy, Mumbai.
Chairman – Organizing committee iPhex 2013/2014
COA Member – Committee of administration Pharmexcil (Pharmaceuticals Export Promotion Council Of India) under Ministry of Commerce & Industry, Govt., of India.
Panel chief – Africa Region – Pharmexcil
Hon. Joint Secretary – Indian Drug Manufacturers Association (IDMA)

Mrs Mira Mehta (Director)

Mira Mehta, has a keen insight of the Indian Pharmaceutical Scenario. She is the Key decision Makers in developing products for the Indian and International Market and in the Branding and Development of Marketing Strategies at Kilitch. She firlmy believes that innovation is the Key to Success.

Mira Mehta, Is a commerce Graduate from R.A Podar College, Mumbai. In addition, She holds a Diploma in Interior Design from L.S Raheja school of Architecture and has a Master of Interior Design and technology from University of Central England, Birmingham.